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RFGI Working Papers

RFGI Group

N.1: The Effects of REDD+ on Forest People in Africa: Access, Distribution, and Participation in Governance
By: Emily Anderson & Hisham Zerriffi

N.2: Review of REDD+ and Carbon-Forestry Projects in RFGI Countries
By: Mukundi Mutasa

N.3: Social Protection in REDD+ Initiatives: A Review
By: Rebecca Rutt

N.4: Studying Local Representation: A Critical Review
By: Prakash Kashwan

N.5: Choix, Reconnaissance et Effets de la Décentralisation sur la Démocratie
By: Jesse Ribot

N.6: The Re-emergence of Customary Authority and its Relation with Democratic Government
By: Emmanuel Nuesiri

N.7: Calling for Democracy? Villagers' Experience of the Production of Class Relations for Ecotourism and Carbon Markets in Niombato, Senegal
By: Rocio Hiraldo

N.8: Quand la Représentation résulte à des Fragmentations d'Identités de Genre
By: Coumba Dem Samb

N.9: Gouvernance Climatique dans le Bassin du Congo: Reconnaissance des Institutions et Redistribution
By: Phil René Oyono

N.10: Zonage des Terres, Conservation des Paysages et Représentation Locale Déboîtée en RD Congo
By: Phil René Oyono & Floribert Ntungila-Nkama

N.11: Representation in REDD: NGOs and Chiefs Privileged over Elected Local Government in Cross River State, Nigeria
By: Emmanuel Nuesiri

N.12: Représentation Locale Compromise Dans la Gestion de la Rente Forestière Communautaire au Sud-Est Cameroun
By: Antang Yamo

N.13: Institutional Choice and Fragmented Citizenship in Forestry and Development Interventions in Bikoro Territory of the Democratic Republic of Congo
By: Raymond Achu Samndong

N.14: At the Expense of Democracy: Payment for Ecosystem Services in Hoima District, Uganda
By: Aggripinah Namara

N.15: The Illusion of Democratic Representation in the REDD Readiness Consultation Process in Ghana
By: Emmanuel Marfo

N.16: REDD+ Institutional Choices and the Implications for Local Democracy in the Kasigau Corridor, Kenya
By: Susan Wangui Chomba

N.17: From Recognition to Derecognition in Senegal's Forests: Hemming in Democratic Representation via Technical Claims
By: Papa Faye

N.18: Déficit de redevabilité dans la gestion de la rente forestière communautaire
By: Kakelengwa Mbilizi Billy et
Alphonse Maindo Monga Ngonga

N.19: Gouvernance de la redevance forestière annuelle et citoyenneté au Cameroun
By:David Eteme

N.20: Démocratie locale « en berne » ou péripéties d’un choix institutionnel « réussi » dans la gestion forestière décentralisée au Burkina Faso
By: Mawa Karambiri

N.21: Choix institutionnel, gestion autoritaire et privatisation de la rente forestière communautaire en Province Orientale (République démocratique du Congo)
By: Patrick Matata Makalamba
et Phil René Oyono

N.22: Effect of institutional choices on representation in a community resource management area in Ghana
By: Manali Baruah

N.23: Representation through privatisation: regionalization of forest governance in Tambacounda, Senegal
By: Melis Ece

N.24: Waiting for democratic representation in Africa’s social forests
By: Alois Mandondo and Poonam Jusrut

N.25: Assuming women’s representation in carbon forestry projects
By: Doreen Ruta

N.26: Autochthony, democratisation and forest: the politics of choice in Burkina Faso
By: Muriel Cote

N.27: Land governance, local authorities and unrepresentative representation in rural South Sudan
By: Phil Rene Oyono and Deng-Athoi Galuak

N.28: Decentralization, institutional choice and the production of disgruntled community representation under the modified taungya forest management system in Ghana
By: Prine Osei-Wusu Adjei

N.29: REDD stakeholder consultation: symbolic or substantive democratic representation in preparing Uganda for REDD+?
By: Robert Mbeche

N.30: Resources, rents, representation and resistance: the struggle for just conservation on Mount Kilimanjaro
By: Martin Kijazi

N.31: Examining the democracy outcomes of environmental subsidiarity: the case of a carbon forestry initiative from central Mozambique
By: Alois Mandondo

N.32: The process of institutional choice and recognition for decentralized forest management in charcoal producing zones of Tambacounda, Senegal
By: Poonam Jusrut

N.33: Chiefs, representation and non-citizenship in forestry: lessons from the Social Responsibility Agreement in Ghana
By: Frank, K. Agyei

N.34: Leveraging democracy through forestry: field testing version (RFGI Handbook I)
By: Jesse Ribot

N.35: Implementing improved natural resource governance in practice: an action learning handbook for Sub-Saharan Africa (RFGI Handbook II)
By: Edmund Barrow et al.