SDEP Related Courses

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Courses Taught by SDEP Faculty at the University of Illinois:

  • GEOG 496 (Fall 2017) Climate and Social Vulnerability (Jesse Ribot)
  • SOC 562 Nature and Technology from Transnational Perspectives (Zsuzsa Gille)
  • NRES 423 (Spring 2018) Politics of International Conservation and Development (Daniel Miller)
  • PS 549 Topics in Comparative Politics: Governance and Accountability (Matthew Winters)
  • PS 340 Politics in International Development (Matthew Winters)
  • PHIL 106 Ethics and Social Policy (Colleen Murphy)
  • GEOG 410 The Geography of Development and Underdevelopment (Tom Bassett)
  • GEOG 481 International Environmental Cooperation (Ashwini Chhatre)
  • GEOG 496 Climate and Social Vulnerability (Jesse Ribot)
  • GEOG 520 Political Ecology (Tom Bassett)
  • GEOG 493 Local Democracy and the Environment (Jesse Ribot)
  • SOC 447 Environmental Sociology (Zsuzsa Gille)
  • SOC 561 Development Theories/Strategies (Brian Dill)
  • HDES 598 Studies of Humans in Environment (Michael Krassa)

Other Courses and Events: